Code Specifications Image
SC 61Z

Detects all kinds of small metal objects

Precise pinpointing

Clear visual and audio alarm signal

Dynamic operation mode

Lightweight and robust

Easy to operate

Headset socket

Code Specifications Image
SC 67


LED battery control

Clear signals

Dynamic operation

Headset socket

Visual/audio alarm signal

Ergonomic design

SC 03 *It features simple operation, exquisite design, convenient conservation and low failure rate. 
*Highly sensitive, it can easily detect pin-sized metal articles (or even smaller metal articles). 
*Its sensitivity can be adjusted according to the on-site requirements.
External dimensions:Length 395 mm*140 mm 
Product weight:20/box, 7.4 kg/box
SC 04 Power: 9V 500mA
Frequency: 22KHz
Operating Temperature: -5 to +55
The sensitivity is determined primarily by the size,shape of the goods
Maximum Detection Range:
38Caliber hand gun :20cm
Pen knife: 15cm
Razor blade:10cm
Meet the exact requirements of the security industry